The Empire Building


The Empire Trust Building is a 430 foot (131m) tall skyscraper in New York City. This building was completed in 1929 in a neo-Gothic style. The building stands in Manhattan’s Diamond District at the corner of 5th Avenue and 48th Street.

The model is designed for 3D printing in FDM Printer.

Software – Repetier Host
Material Used – PLA
Supports – No
Layer height 0.2
Ready to Print – Yes
Nozzle temp – 210
Heat bed temp – 55
Infill 35%
Shells 3
Raft & Brim  no
Total Print time – 4 hrs


  • Simple  Design.  Print on FDM Printer.
  • Post Production –  Minor  Finishing for PLA Print
  • Post Production time – 15  Min
  • Overall 5 Hours to get the desired result.
  • Size – 30x37x131mm

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