Medal Holder

Medal Holder for Winners


Medal Holder – This 10 km Medal Holder is specially design for Runners, Printed in PLA/ABS  and painted with different colors. We recommend printing at 100 microns (0.1 mm) layer thickness. Model is optimized for printing with as few supports as necessary, and have been oriented for optimal printing.

This is  Medal Holder design for the Winners who have won medals in tournaments and want to showcase there achievements  on there favorite wall as a Memory . I went with Modern aesthetic design in simple shape. This design shows the extents of 3D printing, with crazy geometries only possible with 3D printing. This design is simple and elegant.

Features :-

  • Single Unit Model  (Size adjustable)
  • Single Color
  • Finish – any Paint if printed in ABS material
  • Medium Quality 100 Microns
  • Post Production time – 10 min
  • Overall 3 Hrs. to get desired result for 100 Microns resolution.

Technical Details

  • Software – Repetier Host
  • Material Used – PLA/ABS
  • Supports – Minimum
  • Layer height 0.1
  • Ready to Print – Yes
  • Nozzle temp 210
  • Heat bed temp 55
  • Infill 70%
  • Shells 6
  • Raft & Brim yes
  • Total Print time -2 Hrs. 50 min
  • Weight 220 g
  • Dim: 95mmx 105mmx15mm

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