Herald Square Building


The Herald Square Building is a 327ft (100m) tall skyscraper in New York City. Located at the intersection of Broadway and 6th Ave on its namesake square, the building stands prominently over one of Manhattan’s busiest intersections. This building was designed by Clinton & Russell in an Art Deco style, adhering to the distinctive New York zoning code that required extensive use of setbacks as the building climbed in height. The Herald Square Building was completed in 1930. At the southern end of the block is a 4-floor low-rise building, constructed separately around 1940.

The model is designed for 3D printing in FDM Printer.

Printing Details

Software – Repetier Host
Material Used – PLA
Supports – No
Layer height 0.2
Ready to Print – Yes
Nozzle temp – 210
Heat bed temp – 55
Infill 35%
Shells 3
Raft & Brim  no
Total Print time – 6 hrs


  • Simple  Design.  Print on FDM Printer.
  • Post Production –  Minor  Finishing for PLA Print
  • Post Production time – 15  Min
  • Overall 7 Hours to get the desired result.
  • Size – 41x60x99mm

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