Aladdin Lamp

Most Famous Magic Lamp


This is Aladdin Magic Lamp, True to scale and design as it is in 2019 Aladdin Movie by Disney. This lamp if printed in ABS filament than can be painted further in any metallic color as per your choice. We printed this in Silk Gold Shiny Filament and it turns out well.  You can see the pictures added.

Printing Details

Software – Repetier Host
Material Used – PLA/ABS
Supports – Minimum
Layer height 0.1
Ready to Print – Yes
Nozzle temp – 210
Heat bed temp – 55
Infill 50%
Shells 4
Raft & Brim  no
Total Print time – 16 hrs


  • Simple  Design.  Print on FDM Printer.
  • Post Production –  Minor  Finishing for PLA Print
  • Post Production time – 10  Min
  • Overall 15 Mins to get desired result.
  • Size – No adjustment needed.

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