3D Printing for Modern Architecture

September 5, 2019| 3D filehunt

A 21st Century Modern Architecture today is blessed with lot of new technologies and one technology that is going to change how we look today at modern Architecture and that is nothing but 3D Printing.

Today 3D Printing is evolving at a very fast rate and that being said this 3D Printing technology is changing day by day and that is because of lot of demand it has today in various sections of the industry.  The most demanding i would say in coming future will be the use of 3D Printing in Architecture.

Before we start with how 3D Printing  is going to make impact on Architecture lets first know what 3D Printing is all about and where its stands now.

3D Printing as the word suggest it is nothing new and was invented way back in 80s, yes its in year 1983 when experiment began in lab by Chuck hull who is know for “Innovation in 3D Printing”. He patented his innovation of stereo-lithography vary popularly know as  ( STL format today in 3D Printing )

3D Printed Skyscraper Study Model 

He explained that Stereo lithography as a method to make solid object by successively Printing in Thin layers by projecting Ultraviolet Beam on Curable Material on top of others layer by layer. Today Advance Cad Cam software’s can Mathematically slice the model into large number of thin layers. This process then builds the object layer by layer starting with the bottom layer on an solidification of each layer.

Today many new methods are came but all processes are on this principal of Chuck Hull invention.

3D Render Model of Apartment Unit in Autocad (STL file)

3D Printed Model on FDM 3D Printer using White color PLA material

Click to download this Model : https://www.3dfilehunt.com/downloads/flat-3d-model/

Lets know how many types of  3D Printing method are available today but as the list is never ending will just stick to 3D Printers which are useful for Architecture.

FDM Printing – Most Popular among Youngsters. Cheap and user friendly. Good for Beginners.

SLA/DLP UV Printers – Size limitations but good for making micro level Prints. Skill and extra caution needed as there is use of Resin material in this process.

Use of 3D Printers in Architecture

Primary Use will be for making Models for Study purposes or for Client presentations.

Early it was not easy to build complex parametric models but thanks to 3D Printing, now its possible to Print any amount of complex shape easily.

Large Scale size printers are being develop for building houses which are complex in nature and vary difficult to build by conventional methods.

3D Printing is also nowadays widely used in Interior Projects. Its possible to print highly creative interior light fittings , Decorative stuffs etc.

In Coming future more highly advance 3D Printers will change the way we look at Architecture today.

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